IHS 55 Presentation Materials

Horn Camp Orchestral Excerpts

Fingering Chart

Double horn (F and B-flat) fingering chart, including information about:

  • Harmonic series
  • Intonation tendencies of each harmonic
  • Intonation tendencies of each fingering
  • Names and lengths of each horn key
  • Harmonics associated with lip trill fingerings (8-9 and 9-10)


Those of us old enough to remember the early days of the internet and early horn websites will recall the great work of Sharon Zurflieh who created and maintained the wonderful website,, also called the Obedient Accompanist. Hornmidi had dozens of midi accompaniment files for horn solos and chamber works. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to connect with Sharon and she agreed to allow KBHC to host these files on our website. All files without credits were created by Sharon Zurflieh.

If you have any midi accompaniment files you would like to contribute, contact us and we’ll be happy to add them to this collection. If you want to be informed on the latest changes to this page, like our facebook page

Note on iPhone/iPad use: These devices do not come with a built-in Midi player. You must purchase an app for this purpose. We have tested Sweetmidi successfully, but you may want to research midi apps before making a purchase.


Amram, David, 1930-

Horn concerto MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750

Brandenburg Concerto No. 1, BWV 1046 zipped file MIDIfied by Darrell Goforth

Bakaleinikoff, Vladimir, 1885-1953

Canzona MIDIfied by Allen Beck

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827

Horn sonata, op. 17:   1st mvt.   2nd mvt   3rd mvt

Octet, op. 103:   1st mvt   2nd mvt   3rd mvt   4th mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Rondino for wind octet, WoO 25 MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Septet, Op. 20:  1st mvt    2nd mvt   3rd mvt    4th mvt    5th mvt    6th mvt. (47 K) MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Sextet, Op. 71: 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt    4th mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Trio, Op. 87; arr.: 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt    4th mvt

Berwald, Franz, 1796-1868

Grand septet:   1st mvt    2nd mvt   3rd mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Bozza, Eugène, 1905-1991

En forêt MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Chant Lointain MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897

Horn trio, op. 40:  1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt    4th mvt

Canteloube, Joseph, 1879-1957

Dance MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Chabrier, Emmanuel, 1841-1894

Larghetto for horn and orchestra with click track    without click track

Cherubini, Luigi, 1760-1842

Horn concerto, F major: MIDIfied by Dan Fackler 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Cooke, Arnold, 1906-2005

Rondo MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Danzi, Franz, 1763-1826

Horn sonata, Op. 28

1    2    3

Horn sheet music at IMSLP

Horn sonata, Op. 44

1    2   3

Horn sheet music at IMSLP (2nd mvt, measure 58, 4th beat – do yourself a favor and add a flat.  Piano part was much worse.  I had to guess at some of the notes.)

Draeseke, Felix, 1835-1913

Adagio for horn, Op. 31

horn part available at IMSLP

Dukas, Paul, 1865-1935


Dvorak, Antonin, 1841-1904

Slavonic dances, op. 46, arr. for horn and piano by Kazimierz Machala (published by International). MIDIfied by Bridget Jankowski Number three    Number eight

Ewald, Victor, 1860-1935

Brass Quintet no. 1, Op. 5

1    2    3

Forster, Christoph, 1693-1745

Horn concerto no. 1, E flat major:  1st mvt.   2nd mvt.    3rd mvt. MIDIfied by Pete Rail

Frackenpohl, Arthur Roland, 1924-

Largo and allegro MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Françaix, Jean, 1912-1997

Canon, horn, piano MIDIfied by Dan Fackler Divertimento, horn, piano MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Gedike, Aleksandr Fedorovich, 1877-1957

Horn concerto, Op. 40: MIDIfied by Dan Fackler 1st mvt.    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich, 1865-1936

Reverie, op. 24 MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Serenade no. 2, Op. 11, F major  (Arrangement of orchestral version) MIDIfied by Bridget Jankowski

Gliere, Reinhold Moritsevich, 1875-1956

Gliere’s music used with permission of Hans Pizka.

Horn concerto, op. 91 (piano arrangement): 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Four Pieces from op. 35 arranged for Horn and Piano MIDIfied by Dan Fackler. Intermezzo, op. 35, no. 11 Nocturne, op. 35, no. 10 Romance, op. 35, no. 6 Valse triste, op. 35, no. 7

Haddad, Don, 1935-

Adagio and allegro, horn, piano MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759

“I see a huntsman,” from Giulio Cesare MIDIfied by Laura A. Crudden.

Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809

Horn concerto no. 1, H. VIId:3, D major:   1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Horn concerto no. 2, H. VIId:4, D major:   1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Heiden, Bernhard, 1910-2000

Horn sonata 1st mvt   2nd mvt   3rd mvt

Hindemith, Paul, 1895-1963

Horn concerto (1949): 1st mvt    2nd mvt

Horn sonata (1939): 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Jacob, Gordon, 1895-1984

Concerto for horn and strings (piano arr. with string patches): MIDIfied by Dan Fackler 1st mvt    2nd mvt   3rd mvt

Körling, Sven August, 1842-1919

Pastorale, horn, organ MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Krommer, Franz, 1759-1831

Partita in C minor: 1st mvt     2nd mvt    3rd mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Partita in F major, Op. 57  1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt    4th mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Kronke, Emil, 1865-1938

Two hunting pieces for horn and piano, Op.59 MIDIfied by David Rothschild No. 1 in D     No. 2 in F

Labor, Josef 1842-1924

Theme and variations for horn and piano, Op.10 MIDIfied by David Rothschild Introduction and Theme     Variations I (Andantino) & II (Allegro)     Variation III (Andante)    Variation IV (Andante)

Larsson, Lars-Erik, 1908-1986

Concertino, Op. 45 no. 5 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Lefebvre, Charles Edouard, 1843-1917

Romance for Horn and Piano, Op.30 MIDIfied by David Rothschild

Lewy, Joseph Rudolf, 1802-1881

Etude no. 2 Edited by  William N. O’Bannion MIDIfied by Linda Lambert

Mahler, Gustav, 1860-1911

“Urlicht” fron Symphony no. 2 in D minor MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Moliére, 1622-1673

‘Air des Valets de Chiens et des Chasseurs avec dec Cors de Chasse’ from ‘La Princesse d’Elide’ MIDIfied by David Rothschild

Mozart, Leopold, 1719-1787

Concerto, horn, string orchestra, D major MIDIfied by Dan Fackler 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791

Adagio, wind quartet, K. 540 MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Cassation, oboe, clarinet, horn bassoon, E flat major, K. ? 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt    4th mvt    5th mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Concert rondo, K. 371 (piano arrangement) MIDIfied by Bridget Jankowski

Duets, K. 487 MIDIfied by David Rothschild 1   2    3   4   5    6   7   8    9   10   11    12

HORN CONCERTOS: 1st horn concerto, K. 412 (piano arrangement): 1st mvt    2nd mvt 2nd horn concerto, K. 417 (piano arrangement): 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt 3rd horn concerto, K. 447 (piano arrangement): 1st mvt    2nd mvt.    3rd mvt 4th horn concerto, K. 495 (piano arrangement): 1st mvt    2nd mvt.    3rd mvt Horn quintet, K. 407: 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Quintet, K. 452: 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Serenade, winds, K. 375 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt    4th mvt. (Menuetto with first trio)    4th mvt. (Menuetto with second trio)    5th mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Neuling, Hermann 1897-1967

Bagatelle MIDIfied by John Wunderlin

Piantoni, Louis, 1885-1958

Air de chasse MIDIfied by Greg Campbell

Punto, Giovanni, 1746-1803

Quartet Op. 2 no. 1

1st mvt     2nd mvt     3rd mvt

Ravel, Maurice 1875-1937

Pavane pour une infante d?funte; arr. MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Reger, Max, 1873-1916

Scherzino, horn, string orchestra MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Reicha, Anton, 1770-1836

Trios, Op. 82: Lento    Allegretto    Allegro    Lento sostenuto    Menuetto grazioso    Allegro scherzando

Complete Trios Opus 82

Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 Number 7 Number 8 Number 9 Number 10 Number 11 Number 12 Number 13 Number 14 Number 15 Number 16 Number 17 Number 18 Number 19 Number 20 Number 21 Number 22 Number 23 Number 24

Rossini,Giochino 1792-1868

Prelude, Theme and Variations

Saint-Saëns, Camille, 1835-1921

Morceau de concert, Op. 94

Romance, Op. 36   (piano arrangement). MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Romance, Op. 67  (piano arrangement) MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828

Auf dem Strom, D. 943 Special thanks to JEFF PETERS for lending me the score.

Schumann, Robert, 1810-1856

Adagio and allegro, Op. 70 Concertstuck, Op. 86 (1st mvt.)

Spohr, Louis, 1784-1859

Octet, Op. 32  1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt    4th mvt MIDIfied by Oliver Seely

Stradella, Alessandro, 1639-1682

Kirchen aria MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Strauss, Franz, 1822-1905

Les Adieux MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Horn concerto no. 1, op. 8 (piano arrangement) MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Nocturno, Op. 7, D major MIDIfied by Bridget Jankowski

Seaside impressions, Op. 12 MIDIfied by Luke Zyla

Theme and variations, Op. 13 MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Strauss, Richard, 1864-1949

Andante, horn, piano, AV 86a, C major MIDIfied by Dan Fackler

Horn concerto no. 1 (piano arrangement): 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt Horn concerto no. 2 (piano arrangement): 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Telemann, Georg Philipp, 1681-1767

Concerto, horn, string orchestra, D major MIDIfied by Dan Fackler 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt Concerto, horns (2), string orchestra, D major MIDIfied by David Rothschild 1st mvt    2nd mvt    3rd mvt

Sonata in B flat minor  MIDIfied by Dan Fackler 1st mvt    2nd mvt     3rd mvt     4th mvt

Vinter, Gilbert, 1909-1969

Hunter’s moon (piano arrangement) MIDIfied by Max Bygrave

Weber, Carl Maria von, 1786-1826

Concertino, Op. 4 (piano arrangement)

Sextet, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 bassoons MIDIfied by Oliver Seely