25+ Years of Kendall Betts Horn Camp

Enrollment is limited in order to enable a participant to faculty ratio 4:1. This ensures that every participant has an unparalleled opportunity to improve their technique and musicianship.

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Full Immersion

This unique seminar and retreat offers an intense daily schedule, and the curriculum is tailored to the needs and goals of each individual participant.

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Quality Instruction

Schedule includes private lessons, master classes, horn ensembles, mock orchestral auditions, informal performances, and public concerts.

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Perfect Landscape

A noncompetitive atmosphere of fun and camaraderie in the idyllic country setting of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

World Class Instructors

The faculty of KBHC includes the top players and teachers in the United States and beyond. Campers work with these renowned soloists, members of top orchestras, and faculty of illustrious schools of music in individualized settings. Our faculty spans genres and teaching styles, and includes specialists on solo works, orchestral playing, improvisation, jazz, and natural horn.

“I have made so many lasting friendships through KBHC”

—Jay Sewell, Alumni

Located in the Stunning White Mountains of New Hampshire

Kendall Betts History and Philosophy of KBHC

Kendall Betts

History and Philosophy of KBHC By Kendall Betts (1947-2017) When I was elected to the Advisory Council of the International Horn Society in 1993, I began attending the annual International Horn Workshops where I became acquainted with many horn players of various ages, backgrounds, abilities and accomplishments. These musicians fell into four categories: Amateurs, Educators, Professionals and Students. In talking to the many individuals of these diverse groups, I discovered that most of them had a need for instruction in the various aspects of horn playing from the very simplest fundamental techniques to the most complex interpretive problems of the repertoire. Many said that they would be interested in participating in an intense program of study and performance. As I thought about their remarks, I created the concept of an intense seminar and retreat where horn players of all ages would gather for a period of time to study with the finest faculty and perform. It also occurred to me that this should take place in a pleasant and isolated location so to heighten the concentration levels of the participants and give them a truly unique environment in which to grow musically. I approached the administration of the White Mountain

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Cormont Music

Cormont Music is a New Hampshire nonprofit corporation founded in 1997 by A. Kendall Betts with the primary purpose of sponsoring the Kendall Betts Horn Camp. This incorporation came about due to the success of the first three camps in 1995, ‘96 and ‘97 as it became apparent to Mr. Betts that a legal structure for the enterprise was needed. Upon further research, he decided that a nonprofit corporation was the proper entity as this would enable him to establish a scholarship program and he would then be able to accept tax-deductible donations from the public. The legal process began to obtain the status of a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This status was granted by the Internal Revenue Service to Cormont Music in May of 1999.

The mission statement of Cormont Music is: “To promote the art of horn playing through education, performance, and publishing.”