Playing Assessment

The Kendall Betts Horn Camp community is a gathering of hornists spanning a wide range of ability levels in a non-competitive, supportive environment. In order to place you in the masterclass group and ensemble best-suited to your current level, our artistic team would like to hear you play informally for a few minutes. This is not an audition, nor will it be used to rank participants; it simply helps us to best serve each participant for an optimal KBHC experience. (Note: if you are a first-time high school participant, or if you are applying for a scholarship, you will be providing a separate video recording of your playing, and so you will not need to do the playing assessment as described here.)

Playing assessments will happen the afternoon of arrival day, June 10 for week 1 or June 18 for week 2. You’ll receive a scheduled time when you check in.

What to Play

You can play anything you are familiar with and are comfortable playing for up to three minutes. It can be a solo (or part of a solo), an etude, orchestral excerpts, or something else. Remember that this is not an audition and not a competition; we just want to hear your horn sound.