Video Recording Tips

In order to capture your best-possible sound, record your video in a space that has some, but not too much reverberation. A classroom or large living room with high ceilings and hard-surfaced floors is best. Avoid an extremely large hall such as a church, and please don’t record in a small practice room. If recording in a home, you may want to temporarily shut off appliances or computers that are nearby to avoid extra background noise.

It’s essential that you use quality audio recording equipment. Most phones these days are up to the task, but if you have additional recording equipment, feel free to use it. 

Begin the recording process with plenty of time before your deadline. If you discover, for instance, that your recording equipment is inadequate, it might take awhile to find a solution.

Before recording your audition, do some test recordings. Experiment with the distance and height of your recording device. You want to make absolutely sure that the loudest sound you make isn’t too loud for your recording level and that you are capturing your very best sound.