Playing Assessment


Video Submission Deadline: May 15, 2020

The Kendall Betts Horn Camp community is a gathering of hornists spanning a wide range of ability levels in a non-competitive, supportive environment. In order to place you in the masterclass group and ensemble best-suited to your current level, please upload a 3-minute video to YouTube and submit it using the guidelines below. Rest assured that this is not an audition, nor will it be used to rank participants; it simply allows our artistic team to best serve
each participant at his or her current level.

Videos should:

  • Be current. Please record your video after January 1st of the year you intend to attend KBHC.
  • Be recorded in such a way as to accurately reflect your abilities as a hornist. Please refer to Also, feel free to record and rerecord in order to submit your best take.
  • Include all or part of up to two solos or etudes (or one solo and one etude) which demonstrate your playing in contrasting musical styles. You may upload a video of a longer work if you like, but we will only listen to the first three minutes.  Accompaniment is not required; we are evaluating you solely on your horn playing. Feel free to edit out lengthy accompanimental passages and/or silences.
  • Be categorized within YouTube as “Unlisted.”

Deadline for submitting playing assessment videos: May 15, 2020

Note for those who have attended KBHC in the past: The YouTube video submission process replaces the on-site playing evaluation on your arrival day.

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