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College Participants

College Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for college participants is the most intense, varied and flexible program offered by any horn "workshop," "symposium," "institute," or "camp" since at KBHC, emphasis is on the individual participant improving their own technique and musicianship. Collegians are comprised of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students majoring in performance and music education as well as academic subjects. Many of our collegiate alumni have gone on to successful careers as performers and educators and many have had the opportunity to serve on the KBHC staff.

Private Lessons

All participants have two 1-hour private lessons, each with a different faculty member, per week. If attending multiple weeks, you receive lessons with different instructors every time! Scheduling is done by lottery to be fair to all. It is possible to receive instruction from individual faculty during open studios, as well, should you not be assigned a particular instructor that you desire to meet. Please be assured, though, that you will not have a duplicate instructor for any lesson during your entire stay at KBHC.

Class Instruction

College participants have unparalleled opportunities when it comes to group instruction. Each study group has a three hour class every morning with a different faculty member each day. With such a small group, there is ample time for individual playing and instruction throughout the class. Instructors cover warm-ups, practice routines, technique, musicianship and repertoire and at least one of the hours is spent working on orchestral excerpts. There are also open studios with faculty, and specialty classes (topics include low horn playing, high horn playing, audition preparation, improvisation, trills and special effects, etc). Study groups are scheduled with a different faculty member each day allowing our participants to experience many different teachers, styles, and approaches to horn playing. By rotating through faculty throughout the given week, every effort is made so that no study group's instructor is duplicated during the week. This holds true for participants attending multiple weeks as every effort is made so that participants experience as many different faculty members as possible. Ear training, led by staff, is also included in the morning schedule as a prelude to horn classes. There is a mock audition at the end of every week for those who wish to play and comments are related from the committee members to each performer.

Solo Classes

Every participant is given the opportunity to play solos for our solo coach and pianist.

Participants may play in solo class and not perform in recital but all are offered the opportunity to perform in the concerts at the end of the week, if they so choose, provided that the solo coach feels comfortable that each participant will have a successful performance. Our participants are surrounded by the most supportive audience possible - fellow horn players!

Horn Ensembles

All our participants are organized into horn ensembles, coached or conducted by the faculty, which perform at the end of the week. These ensembles can vary in size from three to twelve. Every effort is made to choose repertoire and assign parts to ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable and successful performance.

We also offer a natural horn ensemble (if numbers permit) as well as open studios, taught by natural horn virtuoso Lowell Greer and faculty. No natural horn experience is required and many participants are given their introduction to historical horn performance at camp.

Free Time

Realizing that the horn camp can be intense, it would be remiss to not allow our participants to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Camp Ogontz! Every day there is a 2 hour block of free time for all participants and faculty. Often, participants will enjoy canoeing, hiking, swimming, and a myriad of other outdoor activities, including the ritual gathering at the Green Chairs.

Evening Sessions

All participants gather during our evening sessions for camp-wide classes. These classes vary from week to week, drawing on the specialties of our faculty members. Our evening sessions have included topics such as the history of the horn, panel discussions with our faculty on various topics, how to practice efficiently, acoustic designs and recording techniques, "what not to do" to annoy your colleagues, how to learn to improvise, orchestral part and ensemble readings, and faculty/staff recitals. The mid-week evening session is "Clam Night" when Professor I.M.Gestopftmitscheist makes his appearance where he belches, disgorges, ejects, erupts, expels, spews and spouts his unique knowledge of the horn and horn-related paraphernalia.

The last two evening sessions of each week are public performances where participants get to perform solo and horn ensemble works. The community and participant's friends and relatives are all welcome to come as these concerts are free and open to the public. The final concert of each week is followed by a gala party and fireworks orchestrated by our staff of highly experienced pyrotechnicians!

Spotlight on Alumni:

John Wunderlin

Owner, All-Pro Software

Principal Horn, Beloit-Janesville Symphony

Board of Directors, Cormont Music

KBHC Alum: 1999-2001, 2003,

" Upon arriving at Ogontz, I could hear the sounds of horns echoing through the hills and smell the amazing turkey dinner that was being prepared in the dining hall. I knew I had found a special place.

KBHC is a week of complete immersion in all things Horn. Morning warmups, fundamentals, solo work and informal evening pickup ensembles. Amazing faculty from major orchestras and universities. Great conversations with fellow horn players who understand the love of the instrument.

Every year I leave camp and reset my calendar- 358 days to the next KBHC."